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The five major factors affecting the price of the redirection drum

The five major factors affecting the price of the redirection drum:First, reversing the roller bearing: the price difference between the genuine Hawalo bearing and the poor quality small factory bearing is several times. The quality of the bearing directly determines the life of the drum.Second, change the wall thickness of the drum: the domestic general board should consider the difference, the actual thickness of the 8mm steel plate is only 7.2mm. The user requested to change the wall thickness of the drum to 8mm. We need to purchase 10mm steel plate for the feeding to ensure the thickness of the reaming cylinder is 8mm or more after the processing.Third, change the drum roller shaft: the whole solid shaft and the medium indirect tube shaft, the price is very large. The quality of the take-up shaft is poor and it is a cut-off.The fourth structure: redirection of the connection between the drum shaft and the barrel, the direct welding connection and the connection of the hub bushing have a large difference in cost, the quality of the direct welding is too poor, and the redirecting roller is easy to break the shaft from the welding.Fifth Concentricity: After the redirection of the drum is completed, the outer circumference of the cylinder surface is machined to ensure the concentricity of the shaft and the cylinder.

What are the characteristics of the plastic modular chain and belt?

    The plastic mesh belt is a kind of chain plate made of engineering plastics. It is also a kind of modular mesh belt which is intertwined in the manner of interlocking or bricklaying, and both are long pins. Assembled together, in this design, the strength of the conveyor belt can be improved. Let's take a closer look at the following.    The baffles and side panels can also be interlocked with hinge pins to become one of the integral components of the conveyor belt. Plastic mesh belts are available in various forms, flexible in assembly and easy to replace. The plastic chain plate is made of engineering plastic and is connected by stainless steel pin shaft. Compared with the steel chain plate, it has the advantages of light weight and low noise.    Easy to install, light weight and low noise. Smooth operation, self-lubrication, and reduced delivery power. Widely used in: drinking water, beverages, beer, food packaging machinery, pharmaceutical, canning, quick-freezing, seafood, vegetable cleaning and other industries on the transmission machinery and equipment, used as standard parts. The plastic mesh belt conveyor is a revolution of the traditional belt conveyor. It overcomes the difficulty of maintenance of the belt conveyor, and the belt is easy to be torn, puncture and corroded. It provides customers with a safe, fast and easy maintenance. The mode of delivery. Long service life in acid and alkali resistance and harsh environments.    Since such conveyors use modular plastic conveyor belts, and the transmission method is driven by a conveyor sprocket, the conveyor belt is not easy to snake and skew, and because the belt can withstand the characteristics of cutting, collision, oil resistance and water resistance, When used in various industries, it will not cause any troubles in maintenance, especially in replacing the conveyor belt. Plastic mesh belt features: Modular plastic conveyor belt chain overcomes the pollution problem, and is integrally molded with plastic materials that meet hygienic standards. There are no capillary holes and gaps in the structure.

Do you know the advantages and using of plastic top chain

    The plastic top chain does not have a large friction during the conveying process and is not easily damaged because it is not easily worn. Its surface is smooth, it can achieve smooth conveying, some glass bottles and so on are very suitable for flat top chain conveyor. There are many other objects that are suitable for flat top chains, so it is widely used.    Advantages of plastic top chain    1. The types and models of plastic top chains are different. The range of choice is wide, the items to be transported are different, the types of choices are different, or there are some requirements for your production process. Then you should adapt to production when you choose to buy flat top chains. It is used in many industries.    2, the plastic top chain can be washed with water, very easy to clean, soaking is no problem, the food field is the use of this flat top chain, is very clean.    3, plastic top chain It has a strong conveying capacity, can carry a large load, very heavy objects can also be transported, such as generators, flat top chain is very strong, but also very practical.    4, plastic top chain Whether the transport path is straight, or there is no tilt, etc., it can be very good transport. There is no requirement for the transport path, the layout is particularly flexible, and even if the path is complicated, it can be used to complete the transport, and it is very easy to use, and the operation is simple and convenient.    Plastic top chain operation    1. When doing the operation, follow the requirements. The protective measures that need to be used must be done. Check the parts before use to see if there is any bad place in the plastic roof chain. There are no sundries or obstacles. Ready.    2, see if there are people, if there is someone on the plastic top chain, do not boot, look at its switch there is no problem, first idle for a while, the interlock can not be removed, if you remove it before booting is not safe.    3. After the operation is stopped, the plastic roof chain should be in a state of being emptied, and there is no object to be transported on it. If it is in use, it will suddenly stop, which will damage the machine.    4. When using, many parts such as the motor and the first tail wheel should be regularly tested. There is no need to lubricate the plastic top chain, and the sound is normal.

Fruit and vegetable picking and conveying cleaning water production line

The fruit and vegetable picking and conveying cleaning water production line is suitable for lifting picking and conveying cleaning of leafy vegetables, roots and vegetables and fruits. This equipment uses lifting machines, roller picking conveyors, bubble cleaners and other equipment.1. The lifting conveyor is suitable for lifting and conveying materials.working principleAfter the machine is turned on, the material is placed in the hopper and transported to the next process by the conveyor belt.featureThe conveyor belt is made of safe and environmentally friendly PVC materialThe body is made of food grade 304 stainless steelWide range of applications, suitable for most materialsUsed in conjunction with production lines2. Roller selection conveyor is suitable for material selection and transportation, manually selecting unqualified defective products, less than required materials or dust falling from the gap between the rollers, and the qualified products are automatically transported to the next process.working principleAfter starting the machine, place the material on the conveyor belt (or directly from the previous process to the conveyor belt), manually select the unqualified defective products, less than the required materials or dust falling from the roller gap, the qualified materials are The roller conveyor belt is transported to the next process.featureManual sortingThe rolling bar makes the material rollover, which is convenient for manual selection of defective products.Qualified products are transported by the rollers to the next processMaterials and dust less than the required size fall from the gap in the supply portThe conveyor roller is made of food grade 304 stainless steelThe body is made of food grade 304 stainless steelSuitable for round materialsConnected production line3. The bubble cleaner is suitable for cleaning leaves and root vegetables and fruits.working principle:The washing machine adopts the principle of bubble cleaning, and the bubble generating device is arranged in the cleaning tank. The bubble simulates manual cleaning, gently rubbing the surface of the material and continuously turning the material in the water, thereby cleaning the material. The washed material is automatically lifted to the next process by the conveyor belt.feature:Made entirely of high quality 304 stainless steel, in line with international food industry standardsWell-known brand electrical components and control systemsHigh pressure bubbles mimic the principle of manual cleaningThe spray valve above the pool cleans the material from the topThe spray valve in the climbing part can be connected to the tap water, and the material can be cleaned a second time by washing.The cleaned vegetables are automatically raised to the next process or containerFree control of operating speed via frequency converterOzone disinfection (optional)

The outer chain plate design of the chain

    An outer link plate assembled on a chain, forming a waist portion of an inner arc at an upper end and a lower end at the center thereof, and having circular arc-shaped end portions on both sides of the waist portion, respectively providing perforations on each end portion.    The feature is: waist portion. The upper left corner and the lower right corner each form an inclined surface of the everted, and at the waist near the vertical line of the center of the plate is a leg portion that is not everted and maintains the original flatness and thickness of the plate body.   The assembly chain has a good and stable abutting position when shifting, so as to avoid the chain slipping and returning to the original track, and the inclined surface offset makes the plate body easy to slide into the corresponding tooth during shifting, so that the shifting is smooth. Without it, there will be a delay.

What the reasons of stainless steel chain plate cracking?

The cracking property of the stainless steel chain plate is intergranular corrosion cracking, which causes cracking under the action of cold working residual stress and tensile stress during use. Intergranular corrosion is a corrosion form in which corrosion is confined near the grain boundary and the grain itself is less corroded. As a result, the grain is peeled off or the strength of the material is lowered. The mechanism of intergranular corrosion is the theory of chromium deficiency. Stainless steel chain plate stainless steel has high corrosion resistance due to chromium content, and its chromium content must exceed 12%, otherwise its corrosion resistance is similar to ordinary carbon steel. The high microhardness test results indicate that the stainless steel solid solution effect of the stainless steel chain plate is not ideal. Metallographic examination found a large amount of undissolved carbides and distributed along the intercrystalline network, indicating that the material was not solution treated, or the solution treatment temperature was not high, the time was short, the carbides were not fully dissolved, and the degree of alloying was Poor. Moreover, the heat treatment temperature is low, the chromium diffusion rate is slowed down, the chromium carbide precipitation is accelerated, and the formation of the chromium-depleted region is accelerated. Meanwhile, the chromium carbide distributed along the grain boundary exacerbates the grain boundary chromium deficiency, if the chromium content falls to 12% ( Below the limit chromium content required for passivation, the chromium-depleted zone is in an activated state, and as an anode, it forms a corroded galvanic cell with the die. The chromium-depleted zone is an anode with a small area, the crystal grain is a cathode, and has a large area, which causes severe corrosion of the chromium-depleted zone near the grain boundary.    For stainless steel materials, intergranular corrosion is typically produced in high temperature organic acid media. The working environment of the failed stainless steel chain plate is closely related to the pollution degree of various vehicles and the type of pollutants, and the most used in cleaning is water, so the chain plate must be in contact with the organic acid medium.    In addition, the high hardness of the stainless steel conveyor chain plate and the high carbon content of the 304 stainless steel itself will reduce the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel chain plate, and the S.S chain plate is affected by the friction between the sprocket and the transmission during operation. Stretching will increase the temperature of the stainless steel chain plate, which will also accelerate the corrosion rate of the stainless steel chain plate. Once the interlamella corrosion occurs in the chain plate, its strength is significantly reduced, so that cracking occurs under tensile stress and its own cold working residual stress. It is recommended that the manufacturer change the stainless steel chain plate material to 304 stainless steel with a lower carbon content and ensure the quality of the solution treatment of the raw materials. After this measure, the produced stainless steel chain has not cracked in use.

Have you passed CE certification?

CE certification, that is, only the product does not endanger the basic safety requirements of human, animal and goods safety, rather than the general quality requirements, the coordination directive only specifies the main requirements, the general directive requirements are standard tasks. Therefore, the exact meaning is that the CE mark is a safety pass mark and not a quality pass mark. It is the "main requirement" that constitutes the core of the European Directive.The “CE” mark is a safety certification mark and is regarded as a passport that the manufacturer opens and enters the European market. CE stands for CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE.In the EU market, the “CE” mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether it is a product produced by an enterprise within the EU or a product produced by another country, in order to freely circulate in the EU market, the “CE” mark must be affixed to indicate the product. It meets the basic requirements of the EU Directive on Technology Coordination and Standardization. This is a mandatory requirement for products in EU law.Have you passed CE certification? Yes, of course. We have passed CE certification on 2016.July.17th.All our conveyor machine equipment is reliable. Welcome you to visit us, and purchase product from us.Guangzhou Hongjiang the best reliable conveyor and conveyor component manufacturer in China.

How to determine the chain is scrapped?

Mechanical conveyor equipment plays an important role in the work, and the conveyor chain is one of the most important parts in the equipment. The plate chain is also a kind of chain and also plays an important role. If the plate chain takes too long, it will cause such problems. Then how to judge the scrapping of the chain?The general rule of the plate chain is judged from the following aspects: First, the operator should be clear that the wear value allowed by the plate chain is limited. Generally speaking, it cannot be higher than the diameter of the ring chain bar. Tenth. The second point is to see the degree of distortion of the main ring of the main chain of the plate chain. If it is greater than 10 degrees, it will be scrapped. Of course, this should start from the uncurved plane above the main ring. If the chain of the plate chain is used for a long time, cracks, bends, etc. will occur. If it cannot be removed after being removed, it can no longer be used, and it is counted as scrap.Once the conveyor line plate chain has a problem, it will cause a lot of trouble for production. Then we must do daily maintenance and maintenance in our lives, and strive to reduce equipment damage. Jin Hengli usually does this. First of all, when installing the conveyor sprocket on the shaft, make sure that there is no swing and inclination. When the same drive assembly is not used, the rotary shaft should be in the same horizontal plane. If there is deviation, it will be Let the professional technicians carry out the repairs.The tightness of the plate chain should be appropriate. It should not be too tight or too loose. If the chain is too tight, the power of the device will increase and the consumption will be excessive. If it is too loose, the device will easily jump or even be unchained. Chains that have been used for a long time should not be mixed with new ones to avoid impact when used and to break the chain.

What are the reasons for the failure of toothed chain teeth?

Toothed chain plate is an important mechanical root piece used throughout. It is mainly used in high speed, heavy load, low noise and large center distance. Its transmission function is better than toothed belt drive, gear transmission and chain. Transmission, so the gear of the toothed chain plays an important role, but if the gear of the toothed chain fails, it will affect its mission efficiency, so let us first understand the way the lower gear chain gear fails.1. Tooth surface wear: Regarding open gear transmission or closed gear transmission with unclean lubricating oil, because of the relative sliding between the tooth surfaces, some hard abrasive grains enter the conflicting appearance, and then the tooth profile is changed. The side gap is increased, so that the excessive gear thinning causes the tooth to break. Under normal conditions, only when the abrasive grains are mixed in the lubricating oil, the wear of the tooth surface will be caused during operation.2. Tooth surface gluing: In the gear transmission of high speed and heavy load, due to the conflicting force between the tooth surfaces, the relative speed is large, causing the temperature in the meshing zone to be too high. Once the lubrication condition is poor, the oil film between the tooth surfaces will disappear. The metal appearance of the two teeth is directly touched and then bonded to each other. When the two tooth surfaces continue to move relative to each other, the harder tooth surface tears part of the data on the softer tooth surface in the sliding direction to form a groove.3. Weak pitting: When two teeth are engaged with each other, the effect force and counter-effect between the tooth surfaces cause the contact stress on the outer surface of the two missions, because the orientation of the meshing point is changed, and the gear is made periodically. The movement, so the touch stress is changed by the pulsating cycle. For a long time under the effect of such alternating touch stress, a small crack will appear at the tooth mark of the tooth surface. Following the passage of time, the crack gradually expands laterally in the surface layer, and the crack forms a ring shape, so that the tooth teeth A small area of ​​spalling occurs on the exterior to form some tired shallow pits.4, the tooth broken: in the operation of the load bearing gear, like the cantilever beam, the root of the pulse of the periodic stress beyond the fatigue limit of the gear data, will crack at the root, and gradually expand, when the rest Broken teeth can occur when the transmission load cannot be tolerated. Gears can cause broken teeth due to severe impact, partial load and uneven material in the mission.5. Plastic deformation of the tooth surface: Under the impact load or heavy load, the tooth surface is prone to partial plastic deformation, and then the curved surface of the involute tooth profile is deformed.

Do you know these information about the tank chain and draging case chain

     Introduction to the tank chain/draging case chain, the world's first conveyor chain appeared in Germany in the middle of the last century, the German Jiabaolai company discovered the market, the inventor of the conveyor line drag chain is called Dr Gilbert. Waninger's German professor, Jiabaolai Company at that time, keenly discovered that the towline will have great development in the future, and its invention will have great demand. So in the second year of the invention, they began to make full efforts. The market launched the first towline, which played an indelible role in the rapid spread of the assembly line to the world, and also provided a powerful opportunity for the development of the transportation equipment industry at that time.      The draging case chain conveyor is a combination of many unit chains. Its shape resembles a tank chain. Each unit chain is made up of a combination of upper and lower cover plates and left and right chain plates. It can rotate the link very freely. Each node of the chain can be easily disassembled and opened, and if necessary, separate the space in the chain with a separator.      In the same parameter model of the drag chain, its outer height, inner height, and pitch are the same, and the bending radius and inner width of the drag chain can be differently selected according to different needs.The towline is widely used in the machinery industry, and is generally used in lifting and transportation equipment, glass machinery, robots, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, control machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, and automated warehouses. It is characterized by easy installation and maintenance, oil resistance, salt resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, low operation noise, long operating life, open sections of the towline, high speed movement and a little acceleration. The acceleration is generally determined by the situation. It is also suitable for the environment of repeated motion, and can play a traction and protection function for the built-in cable, oil pipe, air pipe, water pipe and the like.      Tow chains generally use high toughness, high elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure load resistance materials, which are generally made of reinforced nylon or POM.

Quick freezing machine mesh belt

Guangzhou Hongjiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing quick-freezing machine mesh belts, plastic mesh belts, plastic mesh chains, modular mesh belts. The tunnel quick-freezing machine is a high-efficiency quick-freezing device with a relatively simple structure. The impact tunnel network belt quick-freezing machine is to place the product to be frozen on the conveyor belt. The quick-freezer is driven by a plurality of high-pressure air duct fans through special customized nozzles to the wind to the upper and lower surfaces of the product. The blowing method allows for a sufficient evaporation area to better achieve the heat dissipation effect, so that the product can achieve a fast freezing effect. It is mainly used for rapid freezing of granular and blocky foods such as fruits, seafood and meat. Vertical high-speed airflow dramatically reduces freeze time. Stable product quality, reduce the dry consumption of frozen products, and improve efficiency. The structure is simple, easy to clean, and the sanitary conditions meet the requirements of the food industry. The small footprint reduces the installation space of the freezer compared to conventional quick-freezers. The taste quality of the frozen product is highly maintained.According to different conveyor belts, it can be divided into tunnel net belt quick freezing machine and tunnel plate fast freezing machine. The mesh belt quick-freezing machine is mainly suitable for quick-frozen processing of seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits, pasta, dairy products and the like.Structural features:1. Simple structure, convenient operation and long service life.2. Made of imported equipment and modular plastic mesh belt, the surface is flat, and the width of the mesh belt can be selected according to requirements.3. The use of thermal fluctuation blowing method, high freezing efficiency.4. Optional single and double mesh belt combinations are available according to production requirements.5. Use water cream to ensure cleanliness.6. Imported frequency converter realizes stepless speed regulation, frozen product freezing time can be continuously adjusted according to needs, and can adapt to processing of various frozen products.7. The library body is made of rigid polyurethane foam, which has good thermal insulation performance. The inner and outer brackets are stainless steel, easy to clean and meet the HACCP requirements of food hygiene.

What is the features of the roller plastic modular belt

Guangzhou Hongjiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing roller plastic modular belts with ball plastic mesh belts. In the logistics express sorting industry, the sorting conveyor plays a very important role, helping users save time and effort, and many users have expressed a good experience. When the rotating inclined guide wheel floats up and down in the gap of the main narrow belts arranged in parallel, the sorting purpose of the goods is achieved.Main advantages / performance parameters1. The impact on the goods is small, and the sorting is gentle;2, sorting is fast and accurate;3, to adapt to various types of goods, as long as it is a cardboard box, plastic boxes and other flat bottom goods;4. There are a large number of sorting and exporting.4. Track trolley sorting system ( Pallet sorting system )The sorted items are placed on the cart tray that runs along the track. When the sorting port is reached, the cart tray is tilted 30 degrees and the items are sorted to the designated destination.Classification1, can be three-dimensional layout, to meet the needs of operation engineering.2, reliable and durable, easy to maintain.3. Suitable for sorting large-volume products, such as newspaper bundles, rice bags, etc.A rocker type: The sorted items are placed on a steel belt or chain conveyor. When the sorting port is reached, the rocker arm rotates and the article slides along the slope of the rocker arm to the designated destination. The structure is simple and the price is low.B vertical sorting system (also known as folding vertical continuous lifting and conveying system) is the connecting device of the plane conveying system between different floors. According to the use and structure, there are sorting and transporting from a certain floor to a certain floor; sorting and transporting from a certain floor to different floors; sorting and transporting from a certain floor to different exit directions of a certain floor.Guangzhou Hongjiang scientific management, focusing on product performance, beautiful appearance, firm and reliable quality, reasonable price to steadily open up the market; we use good and suitable products and services to solve all relevant transportation and non-standard equipment for customers. demand. Modular plastic mesh belts have long provided a number of outstanding modular mesh belt transport solutions to a variety of industries. Whether in the logistics and warehousing industry or in the postal express sorting industry, it is highly desirable for users with exceptional durability and quick and convenient installation.

Plastic chains are widely used in which industries?

Because machinery makes people's lives have changed a lot, it is more convenient. As a new material, plastic chains are used in many industries and have excellent results. However, there are still many people who don't understand. Today, I will tell you about which industries are widely used in plastic chains.1: The application of conveyor plastic chains in the photovoltaic industry. The plastic chain is an ideal conveyor belt on the photovoltaic laminating machine. The plastic chain has the characteristics of good wear resistance, good smoothness coefficient, not easy to shake, and no deviation. Just these characteristics have the requirements that the formal laminating machine must meet.2: Application of plastic chain on the washing machine. Generally, the cleaning machine is very demanding. Generally, the cleaning liquid has certain chemical composition. The conveying chain must be resistant to corrosion and acid and alkali. However, the plastic chain has this feature. The plastic chain produced by PP material has acid and alkali resistance. The characteristics of high temperature resistance, so the plastic chain is not afraid to be transported in such a cleaning liquid.3: The application of POM plastic chains in the microwave industry. Everyone knows that the microwave industry must require that the conveyor chain not absorb waves and be able to withstand high temperatures. The plastic chain produced by Magic Speed ​​is injection molded with special secret materials, which can not only withstand the high temperature of nearly 200 degrees, but also not easy to absorb. The plastic chain produced by Magic Speed ​​has been used in the microwave industry for many years. It has been proved that the plastic chain we produce has good stability in the microwave industry and is an ideal choice for the microwave industry.

What are the material delivery methods? What is the main danger?

The main conveying methods of materials are:Belt conveyor, chain scraper conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket conveyor, etc.;There is basically no danger in this, but the characteristics are different and have their own defects:Disadvantages of belt conveyor1, occupy a large area,2, the investment is big,3, inconvenient maintenance, need to loose the belt, the amount of work is large.Disadvantages of the scraper conveyor:1. The no-load power consumption is large, about 30% of the total power.2, easy to occur chain, jump chain accidents.3, consume more steel. Cost is large.Disadvantages of screw conveyors:1. The friction between the blade, the casing and the material is relatively large, so that the blade and the casing are prone to wear and the power consumption is relatively large.2, the transport distance is limited, can not exceed the maximum regulations.3, suitable for small conveying, short distance material conveying.4. The screw feeder can reach the material conveying less than 90 degrees.Disadvantages of the bucket elevator:1. The type of material to be transported is limited;2. The sensitivity of the overload is large and must be uniformly fed.