Do you know the advantages and using of plastic top chain

Do you know the advantages and using of plastic top chain

    The plastic top chain does not have a large friction during the conveying process and is not easily damaged because it is not easily worn. Its surface is smooth, it can achieve smooth conveying, some glass bottles and so on are very suitable for flat top chain conveyor. There are many other objects that are suitable for flat top chains, so it is widely used.

    Advantages of plastic top chain

    1. The types and models of plastic top chains are different. The range of choice is wide, the items to be transported are different, the types of choices are different, or there are some requirements for your production process. Then you should adapt to production when you choose to buy flat top chains. It is used in many industries.

    2, the plastic top chain can be washed with water, very easy to clean, soaking is no problem, the food field is the use of this flat top chain, is very clean.

    3, plastic top chain It has a strong conveying capacity, can carry a large load, very heavy objects can also be transported, such as generators, flat top chain is very strong, but also very practical.

    4, plastic top chain Whether the transport path is straight, or there is no tilt, etc., it can be very good transport. There is no requirement for the transport path, the layout is particularly flexible, and even if the path is complicated, it can be used to complete the transport, and it is very easy to use, and the operation is simple and convenient.

    Plastic top chain operation

    1. When doing the operation, follow the requirements. The protective measures that need to be used must be done. Check the parts before use to see if there is any bad place in the plastic roof chain. There are no sundries or obstacles. Ready.

    2, see if there are people, if there is someone on the plastic top chain, do not boot, look at its switch there is no problem, first idle for a while, the interlock can not be removed, if you remove it before booting is not safe.

    3. After the operation is stopped, the plastic roof chain should be in a state of being emptied, and there is no object to be transported on it. If it is in use, it will suddenly stop, which will damage the machine.

    4. When using, many parts such as the motor and the first tail wheel should be regularly tested. There is no need to lubricate the plastic top chain, and the sound is normal.