Do you know these information about the tank chain and draging case chain

Do you know these information about the tank chain and draging case chain

     Introduction to the tank chain/draging case chain, the world's first conveyor chain appeared in Germany in the middle of the last century, the German Jiabaolai company discovered the market, the inventor of the conveyor line drag chain is called Dr Gilbert. Waninger's German professor, Jiabaolai Company at that time, keenly discovered that the towline will have great development in the future, and its invention will have great demand. So in the second year of the invention, they began to make full efforts. The market launched the first towline, which played an indelible role in the rapid spread of the assembly line to the world, and also provided a powerful opportunity for the development of the transportation equipment industry at that time.

      The draging case chain conveyor is a combination of many unit chains. Its shape resembles a tank chain. Each unit chain is made up of a combination of upper and lower cover plates and left and right chain plates. It can rotate the link very freely. Each node of the chain can be easily disassembled and opened, and if necessary, separate the space in the chain with a separator.

      In the same parameter model of the drag chain, its outer height, inner height, and pitch are the same, and the bending radius and inner width of the drag chain can be differently selected according to different needs.

The towline is widely used in the machinery industry, and is generally used in lifting and transportation equipment, glass machinery, robots, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, control machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, and automated warehouses. It is characterized by easy installation and maintenance, oil resistance, salt resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, low operation noise, long operating life, open sections of the towline, high speed movement and a little acceleration. The acceleration is generally determined by the situation. It is also suitable for the environment of repeated motion, and can play a traction and protection function for the built-in cable, oil pipe, air pipe, water pipe and the like.

      Tow chains generally use high toughness, high elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure load resistance materials, which are generally made of reinforced nylon or POM.