Flex Link multi-flex chain conveyors conveyor line
Flex Link multi-flex chain conveyors conveyor line

Item specifics

Frame material
Stainless steel and Aluminum
Chain material
Light and easy to assemble
Widely use for different industry

Product review


Flex Link multi-flex plastic chain conveyor and flexlink components
Flex Link conveyor is widely used on different industries.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble,

It is easy to clean.

It is lighter than traditional conveyor;   
It runs smoothly when it transfer products .     Its height and Length can produce according to your requirements

Drive head
The material of drive head, you can choose stainless steel 304 and Aluminum.
Sprocket and idler wheel have been included.
90 degree/180 degree curve Disc
you can choose according to your requirement. if you need other degree, we can also produce for you
Plastic chains
Material of chains: Pom and SS 304 pins.
Width of chains: 44mm, 63mm, 83mm and 103mm.

Material: aluminum
Height: according to your requirement
feet base: aluminum, carbon steel and Nylon, three material type you can choose.
Alpine flex link conveyor 
Save place, save time for you.
Multi-flex conveyor
it can lift up your production rate.