Guangzhou Hongjiang Transportation machinery and automation industry side by side!

Guangzhou Hongjiang Transportation machinery and automation industry side by side!


Guangzhou Hongjiang Transportation machinery and automation industry side by side!

Guangzhou Hongjiang's products are becoming more and more influential in various industrial fields, and the scope of the products is becoming wider and wider, and it is increasingly valued and favored by major users. Due to the pursuit of high-quality positioning of products, the company meets the needs of global high-end product procurement companies. The company mainly carries out four aspects:

       The first is the diversified positioning: In fact, many users from all over the world, who have been to the company or have been to the Guangzhou Hongjiang booth during the exhibition, can find in Guangzhou Hongjiang according to the exotic and high-end quality requirements. Highlights. At the same time, Guangzhou Hongjiang will attract a large number of users to negotiate in various industry exhibitions.
       Because Guangzhou Hongjiang is no longer a singular enterprise, it only serves as a conveyor accessory, conveyor chain plate, conveyor belt, conveyor roller, conveying foot hoof, conveying guardrail, flexible chain, flexible system, etc. An excellent company that extends to the conveyor system supplier.
       Guangzhou Hongjiang not only provides conveyor parts and selection services for major machinery manufacturers, but also provides comprehensive transportation system solutions for major industrial enterprises, as well as one-stop service for manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

       The second is a strong customer base: Guangzhou Hongjiang has a large overseas customer base in North America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, and a large domestic customer base. Supported by a strong customer base, customer resources from all over the world are swarming. At the same time, in order to protect the user group's experience, Guangzhou Hongjiang's feedback on users and customer complaints handling, etc., is also very strict, effectively ensuring the service and quality of Guangzhou Hongjiang to the user community.

       The third and most important point is Guangzhou Hongjiang's pursuit of product quality. Relying on more than 22 years of experience in manufacturing and manufacturing in the high-tech automation industry, Guangzhou Hongjiang has its own strict standards and requirements in selecting partners. Chairman Hu Xiji said that he does not want the company to pursue the scale only one-sidedly, but to improve the quality based on the existing development trend. The pursuit of large-scale is only a form, what lies behind it is the desire and pursuit of good products. Guangzhou Hongjiang's current section provides integration from conveyor accessories to conveyor systems, and its appeal is self-evident. However, Guangzhou Hongjiang has always maintained the advantages of its own high-quality products, and has demonstrated excellent pre-sales and after-sales service capabilities in the industry!

       The fourth point is the cultivation of talents: Guangzhou Hongjiang not only introduces, renews and transforms the hardware investment in mechanical equipment, but also pays more attention to improving the quality of people and investing in soft technology as the main target. We also carry out various planned and systematic training activities to improve the quality, ability and performance of our employees.

       Thereby exerting their greatest potential, improving their personal ability, and creating a space for the newcomers to learn and master the scientific knowledge and skills. Through these training activities, to improve the professional level of employees, as well as comprehensive quality, etc., this is the original intention of Guangzhou Hongjiang to pay attention to this training activity. What complements each other is that the improvement of the level of corporate members will definitely bring more value to the enterprise and a new growth point. The success or failure of a decision is often just a small detail, the details can be expressed as a whole perfect, and the details can show professionalism.