Guiling paste verifies its strength with automated equipment in the hot summer

Guiling paste verifies its strength with automated equipment in the hot summer


Guiling paste verifies its strength with automated equipment in the hot summer

After the rain, the temperature gradually increased, and some of the heat-relief and antipyretic items such as Guiling Jelly and ice cream gradually occupied more space in the supermarket. As a food with the title of "solid herbal tea", Guiling jelly has been popular with many people in hot weather, and has evolved into a variety of packaging formats such as bowls, bags, and cans.

As a “good tool” for cool and hot weather, guiling paste produces a variety of raw materials. Not only does it really need to go to the gutted turtle, but also to the medicine and food homologues such as earthworms, honeysuckle, dandelion, mulberry leaf, licorice, honey, white peony, and mangosteen in the ingredients. The jelly powder (starch, jelly grass extract) is made into Frozen key. As people's taste requirements become more and more diversified, guiling paste gradually increases the taste of fruit ice cream, red beans, mung beans, etc. on the basis of traditional honey, coconut milk and other flavors.

Rich packaging styles and diversified raw material products mean that a variety of food machinery equipments are needed during the production process, such as multi-energy extracting pots, cooking pots, cooking pots, vacuum enrichment pot filling production lines, sterilization pots, and code printing. Machines, packing line, etc. With the gradual deepening of the degree of automation of automation, at present, there are many turtle paste production enterprises in China purchased automated food machinery and equipment. Such as Zhongheng Group Double Qian guiling jelly production base is equipped with automatic production equipment such as Chinese herbal medicine extraction production line, cans high-speed canning production line, bowl-mounted guiling paste production line, beverages and solid food and beverage production lines, to achieve the automated production of guiling jelly, improve The production efficiency. The company also led the development of a research project of “Automated Upgrade of Guiling Paste Production Line”, and the final result was awarded as a third prize for the Shengzhou Science and Technology Progress Award.

According to various inspections of  guiling jelly, the number of colonies is an important reason for the unqualified products of guilty ointment. Therefore, sterilizing equipment must be equipped. guiling paste can be sterilized by high-temperature sterilization. Currently, high-temperature sterilization pots and other equipment on the market have been relatively sound and can achieve excellent bactericidal effect. In addition, bacteria may also appear in equipment production residues, production space and other places, so sterilization can not only rely on sterilization equipment, but also for the production equipment equipped with cleaning procedures, ultraviolet disinfection lamp on the production workshop.

In today's popularity of guiling paste production technology, many companies will focus on upgrading the packaging process, with the intention of attracting consumers' attention through more diversified packaging methods. The upgrading of packaging means many aspects such as the aesthetic appearance of the outer package, the ease of use, and the firmness of the package. Wang Laoji used a pocket bag to wrap guiling jelly, making it more convenient to eat; to neutralize different tastes of different colors of the guiling jelly, easy to attract consumers, with a certain degree of aesthetic considerations; Sheng He Tang will be traditional The translucent membrane seal of the guiling jelly was replaced with a pure aluminum membrane seal to solve the defect of easy-breakage of the plastic film packaging. The upgrade of these products must be accompanied by the replacement of the corresponding packaging equipment. The packaging equipment that will be faster and more in line with the product characteristics will become a guiling cream. Ointment production company's choice.

It is understood that at present, more than half of the production of guiling cream in the market in Quzhou, guiling paste became the geographical indication products. As a result, the local production of the corresponding local guiling jelly production standards to help establish a more standardized production system of guiling jelly. The local standards were revised and approved for the first time in 17 years. The documents stipulate the names of guiling jelly, the quality of raw materials, and the color and smell of guiling jelly. Clear guiling jelly should be uniform brown to dark brown elastic paste, must not contain impurities, coke crumbs.

As the temperature gradually rises, as a cool weapon will be gradually into the public eye. Most of the raw materials for the medicine and food homogenous guiling cream, in the growing emphasis on the health of food properties have a unique advantage. It is believed that with the help of standardized production methods and automated food machinery and equipment, the guiling cream can become the choice for more people to cool off in summer.