The role of PP plastic chain plate in food conveyor

The role of PP plastic chain plate in food conveyor

    With the continuous improvement of China's market economy level, various food industry enterprises have become more extensive in order to increase production demand. As one of the accessories in food conveyor equipment, PP plastic chain board has more advantages and better development prospects.

    The PP plastic chain plate has high transparency and good circulation performance. As a new type of polymer material, PP plastic chain plate has special high wear resistance, tear resistance, high elasticity, high load bearing and other excellent performance. With the continuous promotion and development of food industry enterprises and civilian use, the lines are made. In order to improve the production capacity of the products, various industries have successively adopted PP plastic chain conveyor belts for production operations, in order to replace the traditional conveyor belts.

    PP plastic chain conveyor belt not only has the advantages of traditional plastic mesh belt, but also has the characteristics of low density, corrosion resistance, etc., and can better improve the performance of food conveying machinery and equipment, so that it is better. The invention enhances the toughness of the conveying device, and can reduce the impact force and wear resistance of the material on the food conveyor and the drum when producing the transportation material, and has better earthquake resistance and wear resistance.

    Compared with other mesh belts, PP plastic chain plates have the characteristics of high production efficiency and low cost, which can save the production cost for food production enterprises, and the cost is only one tenth of the stainless steel mesh belt. PP plastic chain conveyor belt material mesh belt is made of modified polypropylene as raw material, after extrusion, stretching, web forming, surface modification treatment, it is made in the process of short cutting and other process Strength bundled monofilament or mesh organic fiber. PP plastic chain conveyor belt has good resistance to strong acid and alkali, and also has extremely stable chemical properties in terms of weak thermal conductivity.

    PP plastic chain plates are widely used, and on the other hand, they have the best insulation performance. Therefore, the PP plastic chain conveyor has undoubtedly become the preferred production line equipment for various food manufacturers with its own excellent performance.