Do you knnow the basic information and maintenance of stainless steel chain plates?

Do you knnow the basic information and maintenance of stainless steel chain plates?

   We will give you more information about the basic information and parameters of the classification of the chain plates on the water line. The classification of the conveyor chain plates has been mentioned in the past few days. There are many, we try our best to make each series Each model is analyzed, but we mainly focus on the analysis of some of the more types of chain plates used in the usual conveyor equipment. The purpose of this is to make everyone have a very good chain line product for the conveyor line. Intuitive feelings.

    The classification of stainless steel chain plates can be carried out according to the shape and application range. According to the shape, we can divide them into: non-punched stainless steel chain plates, punched stainless steel chain plates, and raised stainless steel chain plates.

    The main materials of stainless steel chain plates are: carbon steel, 1cr13 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel.

    Stainless steel chain plates are widely used, mainly in the production of frozen food, food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, glass products and other products.

    There are some faults in the process of installation and use of stainless steel chain plates. Below our technicians use some exclusion methods for some common fault problems to analyze for everyone:

    1: If the chain transmission type stainless steel chain plate has jump chain and is unstable, check whether the sprocket at both ends of the drive shaft is synchronized and whether the tooth end is excessively worn.

    2: If the stainless steel chain plate is shaken, check whether the conveyor and the roller in the conveying tunnel have rust and refuse to turn, and adjust them one by one.

    3: If the stainless steel chain plate appears to be biased, the tensioning shaft at one end of the driven shaft should be adjusted slowly. Remember to adjust quickly and cause the edge of the chain to be scratched.