What are the common types of chains?

What are the common types of chains?

The transmission of the equipment is generally based on the chain, which everyone should know. Different types of chains will appear in different types of needs, and the role played will be different. So today, we will introduce the common types of chains.

    Stainless steel chain: The parts are made of stainless steel. This type of chain is suitable for use in the food industry and susceptible to chemical and pharmaceutical erosion. It can also be used in high and low temperature applications.

    Nickel-plated chain, galvanized chain, chrome-plated chain: All carbon steel materials can be surface treated. The surface of the parts is nickel-plated, galvanized or chrome-plated. It can be used in outdoor rain erosion, but it can not prevent thick Chemical liquid corrosion.

    Self-lubricating chain: Some parts are made of a sintered metal impregnated with lubricating oil. This chain has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no maintenance (maintenance-free) and long service life. Widely used in high-force, wear-resistant requirements, and can not be often maintained, such as food industry automated production lines, high-end bicycle racing, less maintenance high-precision transmission machinery.

    O-ring chain: O-ring seals are installed between the inner and outer chain plates of the roller chain to prevent dust from entering and the grease flowing out of the hinge. The chain is strictly pre-lubricated. Because the chain has superior parts and reliable lubrication, it can be used in open drives such as motorcycles.

    Rubber chain: This type of chain is a U-shaped attachment plate on the outer link of the A and B series chains. Rubber is attached to the attachment plate (such as natural rubber NR, silicone rubber SI, etc.) to increase wear resistance and reduce Noise, increase shock resistance. For transport.

    Sharp chain: This chain is widely used in the wood industry, such as the feeding and output of wood, cutting, conveyor transport and so on.

    Agricultural machinery chain: Agricultural machinery chain is suitable for field working machinery such as walking tractors, threshers, combine harvesters, etc. This type of chain requires low cost but can withstand impact and wear. In addition, the chain should be greased or automatically lubricated.

    High-strength chain: It is a special roller chain. It can improve the tensile strength by 15~30% and improve the impact performance by improving the shape of the chain plate, thickening chain plate, fine-punching chain plate hole and pin shaft heat treatment. Fatigue performance.

    Side Bend Chain: This chain has a large hinge clearance and chain plate clearance, so it has greater flexibility for bending drive and conveying.

    Escalator chain: used for escalators and automatic walkways. Due to the long working hours of the escalator, the safety requirements are high and the operation is stable. Therefore, it is required that the step chain must reach the specified smaller ultimate tensile load, the total length deviation of the two paired chains, and the step distance deviation.

    Motorcycle chain: defined by the purpose of the chain, from the structure of the chain, there are two types of roller chain and sleeve chain, from the part used on the motorcycle, it has two types of use inside the engine and outside the engine. Most of the chains used in the engine are sleeve chain structures. The chain used outside the engine is the drive chain for driving the rear wheels, and most of them use roller chains. Such chains should pay special attention to ensure fatigue performance.

    Agricultural clamping conveyor chain: suitable for walking wheat, rice harvesters and fixed motorized rice and wheat threshers, as well as semi-feeding combine harvesters