Reasons for the broken belt of the turning belt conveyor

Reasons for the broken belt of the turning belt conveyor

When the turning belt conveyor carries the material, it often has a broken belt problem and affects the conveying speed of the entire belt conveyor, which cannot reach the conveying efficiency of the production line of the production enterprise. To this end, we must find out the root cause to solve the fundamental problem. The company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of screw conveyors, turning belt conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, mesh belt conveyors and various conveying equipment parts. It has rich practical experience and technology and is discovered by technicians. 

There are several reasons for the belt conveyor belt breakage:

    1. The damage of the conveyor gear reducer, the hydraulic coupler spray or the motor reversed.

    2. Conveyor belt joint quality problems. The joints of the conveyor belt are divided into mechanical joints and vulcanized joints. The quality of the mechanical joints is far less than the vulcanization pressure, the temperature and pressure are unevenly distributed on the vulcanized plates, the temperature and pressure holding time are unreasonably set, and unreasonable materials are used. The vulcanization process has an impact.

    3. In the transportation of the turning belt conveyor, the load of the conveyor is suddenly increased due to the involvement of other things. For example, large vermiculite or other objects of extremely high quality are actually mixed in the coal to be transported.

    4, the start-up energy and the stress change during parking are large. The start and stop of the turning belt conveyor can also cause the conveyor belt to break. It is generally best to start the conveyor under no load.

    5. The conveyor belt has its own quality, but the service life of the conveyor belt is too long. The conveyor belt is overloaded for a long time, and the daily maintenance is not in place.

    6. The material of the conveyor is unevenly distributed and the conveyor belt runs off. The turning belt conveyor has a no-load section and an overload section, so that the conveyor belt is unevenly stressed.

    In order to prevent the breakage accident caused by these reasons, in addition to manual maintenance and maintenance, it is especially important to arrange the breakage protection device along the conveyor. Because it can avoid unexpected accidents, it is always on standby. When the conveyor is in normal operation, it does not affect the material transportation. When the belt breakage accident occurs, the arranged belt protection device acts immediately, and quickly catches the conveyor belt that is broken and reduces the accident loss.