Design of driving mode of plastic chain conveyor

Design of driving mode of plastic chain conveyor

     The plastic chain conveyor is a conveying mechanism driven by an electric motor, and its conveying member is a chain plate, and the transmission mechanism transmits power to the conveying member.

    At present, there are two basic transmission forms of plastic chain conveyors, one is sprocket chain transmission, and the other is direct coupling transmission of RV reducer.

    The plastic chain conveyor has large load capacity, stable transportation and good material adaptability. It is widely used in heavy industry, automobile manufacturing, parts sorting and other fields.

    In general, the conveyor of the plastic conveyor chain plate will have some problems, and if there is a problem, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, the use of the device will become very unfavorable. Especially for plastic chain conveyors, what are the requirements for the reducer? Do a good explanation in the future.

    The neural network of the original plastic chain conveyor will vary depending on the way the neurons are linked. If the middle layer is composed of several layers, each layer of neurons can only receive the output of the previous layer of neurons. In the mutual connection network, any two neurons can be connected, and the input signal needs to be repeatedly transmitted and reciprocated between the neurons. If the change is several times, the plastic chain conveyor tends to be in a state of no disorder or enter the cycle. Shock and other conditions.

    The interface that provides the sensor device changes before it has failed. Therefore, the plastic chain conveyors of different working faces use reducers and different motor models. It is also necessary to fully determine the position of the reducer sensor device after the investigation. Due to the special environment in which the plastic chain conveyor of the working surface is located, the sensor can not prevent collision or damage. In order to ensure the damage of the sensor, sparks are generated, which will generate explosive gas and cause environmental explosion. The power supply and the signal to be supplied by the sensor must meet the requirements.