Why is the chain rusted?

Why is the chain rusted?

Many people know about the S.S chain. This is a part of many equipment that plays the role of a transmission. However, sometimes people find that the chain is actually rusted, which will affect the quality of the chain. Many people want to figure out why the chain is rusted. Then today we will discuss the reasons for chain corrosion.

1. In the process of producing the conveyor chain, the enterprise does not strictly carry out anti-rust treatment on the chain parts in the processing process and the finished chain products after the cleaning rust prevention regulations and the oil seal anti-rust packaging requirements. If the chain is in contact with corrosive liquids or gases.

2. The quality of anti-rust lubricants and cleaning kerosene used by enterprises in production cannot meet the requirements of process technology.

3. As the price of chain steel drops and then falls, the material of the chain steel gradually declines. For example, the content of non-metallic impurities in steel is high (the increase of sulfur content in steel makes the corrosion resistance of the material itself decrease), the deviation of metallographic structure and so on. The source of the chain steel used by the production enterprises is more complicated, and the quality of the steel is even more.

4. Some enterprises have poor environmental conditions, high levels of harmful substances in the air, and too little turnover space, making it difficult to carry out effective anti-rust treatment. Coupled with the hot weather, production workers violate the anti-rust procedures and so on.

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