How can to reduce the failure of the chain conveyor?

How can to reduce the failure of the chain conveyor?

  If problems are found and resolved in time, this requires the staff to check the conveyor chain frequently. If there is deformation or wear, it should be replaced in time. It is required that the parts have sufficient stock and cannot be spared. Adjusting the progress of the chain in a timely manner requires accurate grasping of the tightness of the conveyor chain. Always clean the fuselage and the foreign body handling inside the machine, usually take good care of our conveyor machines, naturally they will treat us well. Strict overload, this is a hard rule.

    There are a lot of types of chain conveyors. It is inevitable that every machine is in trouble, and there are many reasons for the failure. However, you can reduce the failure of the conveyor chain from the following aspects.

    1. Select the conveyor chain plate

    At the time of purchase, the appropriate chain conveyor should be selected according to the conveying conditions, and then the appropriate conveyor chain components should be selected. Everyone can choose products with good reputation and meet relevant quality standards according to their actual experience. Mainly look at the conveyor chain, material, strength, elongation and so on.

    2. assembled the transfer chain plate

    The transfer of the conveyor chain must be assembled by professional personnel and assembled in strict accordance with the requirements, which can reduce wear and extend life.

    3. the chain plate conveyor slot is in place

    If the unevenness of the laying is uneven, not only can the resistance of the conveyor chain be made larger, but also the parts can be damaged to varying degrees, so the laying is relatively flat.

    4. The progress of the chain conveyor conveyor chain should be appropriate.

    The easiest way to check the tightness of the conveyor chain is to transfer the conveyor chain of the drive unit. When more than two, you need to remove some. In the first two weeks of the start of the conveyor chain, it is important to pay close attention to the conveyor chain of the conveyor.

    5. The daily maintenance of the chain conveyor should be done well.