What is the advantages of flexible side bend chain products?

What is the advantages of flexible side bend chain products?

The flexible side bend chain is capable of fast turning in both horizontal and vertical directions, while friction and noise are small. Working temperature: -20-+60 degrees Maximum conveying speed: 50m/min Application: Food and Beverage Industry Toilet paper conveying - cosmetics industry - tobacco manufacturing - motor manufacturing - machinery parts manufacturing.

Advantages of flexible side bend chain products:

(1) Clean: The whole line is assembled from white high-strength engineering plastic chain plate and aluminum alloy profile with anodized surface. The chain plate is pure white, the equipment runs without lubrication, no regular maintenance, no corrosion, in line with GMP regulations.

(2) Quiet: The device operates with a sound <30Db.

(3) Smart: It can be assembled into a flexible conveying system by detachable components. With vertical and horizontal curves of different radii, the product can be transported in any 3D space, and can be carried out according to your production status anytime and anywhere. Adjustment.

(4) Convenient: The whole line installation does not require any special tools, and the basic disassembly work can be completed by a single person by simply using the hand tools.

(5) Stabilization: The stable performance of the flexible side bend chain ensures that the delivered product does not fall over and slip during the conveyance process.