What is the way to avoid too much draping of the chain?

What is the way to avoid too much draping of the chain?

Definition of conveyor sprocket: a toothed wheel-shaped mechanical part that engages the chain.

Whether the arrangement of the chain drive is reasonable or not has a great influence on the quality and service life of the transmission. When arranging, the two shafts of the chain drive should be parallel, and the two sprocket wheels should be in the same plane; generally it should be arranged horizontally or close to the horizontal, and the loose edges should be under.

The purpose of tensioning the conveyor sprocket chain is mainly to avoid too much draping of the chain, lateral vibration of the chain during meshing, and also to increase the angle of engagement. Commonly used tensioning methods are:

1. Tightening with the adjustment center distance.

2. The conveying sprocket is tensioned by a tensioning device. When the center distance is not adjustable, the tensioning wheel is used, and the tensioning wheel is generally pressed at the loose side near the small wheel. The tensioning wheel can be a sprocket or a toothless roller. The diameter of the tensioning pulley should be similar to the diameter of the small sprocket. The diameter of the roller is slightly smaller, the width should be about 5 mm wider than the chain, and it is usually made of cloth bakelite. The tensioning wheel tensioning device has two types: automatic tensioning and regular tensioning. The former uses automatic tensioning devices such as springs and hoists; the latter uses bolts, eccentrics and other adjustment devices. In addition, it is also tensioned with pallets and pressure plates.