Talking about several major precautions for using conveyor accessories

Talking about several major precautions for using conveyor accessories

In order to ensure the safety of the conveyor parts and the correct operation mode during transportation, we must pay attention to the following four aspects.

    First, the conveyor accessories installation
    Different accessories have different functions and different installation methods. For fixed belt conveyor accessories, install them on a fixed foundation. For portable belt conveyor accessories, the corresponding wheels are symmetrical and tightly coupled before the machine is running. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that when the machine is in operation, do not leave other items next to it, hindering its work.

    Second, the conveyor accessories start
    Conveyor accessories have different methods of operation before and during start-up. Before starting, you must first adjust the components, for example, adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt to ensure smooth operation during the transportation process. When starting, it must not be fed directly. It is necessary to empty the conveyor belt first, and run it for a period of time after the no-load operation to ensure normal operation.

    Third, the conveyor accessories and materials
    When the conveyor parts run smoothly under no load, items can be added to the conveyor belt in an orderly manner. However, when feeding, it is necessary to adjust the conveyor belt to a suitable height, and place the article as far as possible at the center of the conveyor belt, thereby reducing the impact when the article is lowered and reducing the wear of the conveyor belt.

    Fourth, conveyor accessories operation
    During the working process of the conveyor parts, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant situation of the mechanical operation at any time to prevent the phenomenon of the deviation of the conveyor belt. If a similar situation occurs, stop the machine, and then adjust and use it before putting it into the transportation program. In addition, it is important to note that when the conveyor parts are working, they cannot pass directly from the conveyor belt across the wood industry and cannot pass underneath. This is very likely to cause injury accidents.

    Ensure that conveyor parts are safely operated during installation, start-up, feeding and operation, minimizing machine damage and increasing efficiency.