Classification of belt lines in various industries

Classification of belt lines in various industries

In the modern conveyor machinery, the belt conveyor is active in all corners, and the core component of the belt conveyor is the conveyor belt. The choice of the conveyor belt has a wide range of choices according to the characteristics of the product. Today, you will enter different conveyor belts selected by various industries. .

Logistics transportation industry

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the scale of the logistics industry has grown rapidly, and the technology of cargo sorting systems has become increasingly sophisticated. There are high requirements for the color, tensile strength, oil resistance and flame retardancy of the Song Dynasty. We can provide a variety of solutions, allowing customers to choose the right products according to the requirements, such as heavy goods transport and friction on the belt, we recommend belt thickness 3-5mm high-strength belt, color can choose black and ink Green, black rubber bands, etc.

Tobacco industry

Tobacco processing requires a wide variety of conveyor belts and belts. These belts are important machines that are not visible, ensuring efficient and smooth operation of the material at all stages of manufacture. Whether it is tobacco leaf processing or tobacco processing, we will recommend suitable products for customers. According to the site environment, product temperature, product weight, working time and other factors, the belts and equipments suitable for the material are correctly configured to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Airport conveyor belt

The airport is mainly a conveyor belt for conveying baggage. In addition to its requirements for tensile strength and wear resistance, it also requires that the belt can reduce noise and the surface non-reflective requirements of the belt during operation. Usually used 3-4mm black matt PVC conveyor belt, as well as the pattern belt and the airport-specific black large checkered belt.

Electronic and electrical industry

Most of the conveyor belts in the electronics industry are used in the production lines of parts and components and special belts for related machines. The basic requirement of the line belt is anti-static and anti-friction to produce powder dust (static electricity will cause signal interference to precision electronic products, dust will affect the accuracy and source of pollution of electronic products). Generally use 2-3mm green anti-static PVC conveyor belt. Some companies have strict environmental requirements and we recommend the use of non-polluting PU belts.

Food and beverage industry

Food and beverage requirements for conveyor belts are more stringent. First of all, cleaning and food grade requirements, because the belt and food are in direct contact, the belt must comply with the pda certification (food grade certification), followed by the oil resistance and acid resistance of the belt. The belt will not crack or peel. Later, the belt is also resistant to water washing, etc. The color is mostly white, and a few will have sky blue. The main food grade belts have pvc, special pu, pe and pattern conveyor belt.

other industry

In addition to the above, the conveyor belt has a wide range of applications in the automotive, building materials, machining, leather, tire, paper, glass, ceramics, daily chemical, fitness equipment and other industries.