What should be paid attention to when a flexible conveyor wants to operate smoothly?

What should be paid attention to when a flexible conveyor wants to operate smoothly?

As a multi-functional conveyor, the flexible conveyor plays an important role in our production activities, but if you use it incorrectly, the flexible conveyor is difficult to play its due role, for everyone's smooth For the production, let's  give you a detailed introduction.

1, boot check
Before turning on the flexible conveyor, it is necessary to check the transmission part and the sprocket. The chain plate and the safety guard are not installed firmly and reliably. Check whether the connection of each line is loose or slippery. Check that the lubrication of the line break between the chain plates does not meet the requirements.

2, boot according to the boot sequence
(1) First open the receiving equipment
(2) Start the chain conveyor line
(3) Start the feeding device

3, the flexible conveyor should be evenly fed during operation
When transporting materials, it should not be too much, otherwise it will be easy to block and flow to the outside of the machine, which will easily cause the chain plate to derail.

4. When the flexible conveyor is in the process of transportation, any failures need to be stopped immediately and repaired by professionals.

5, usually check the tightness of the chain plate, adjust the tightness at any time to prevent the chain conveyor belt from slipping

6. Keep the line body clean and clean, and fill in the relevant records carefully every day.

7. Before stopping the machine, stop the feeding equipment first, and then wait for the material on the conveyor belt to be cleaned and then stop.

        The above is the main content that we introduced for you today. Everyone should pay attention to correct operation when using flexible conveyor.