Question and Answer about the conveyor design

Question and Answer about the conveyor design

Question and Answer About the Conveyor
1: The assembly line must always be from left to right or from right to left?
In general, because most people are accustomed to the right hand, the assembly line flows from left to right. However, because of the limitation of the area of ​​some factories, it may cause at least one of the two or more conveyor lines to flow in the opposite direction.

2:U-shaped assembly line is the most appropriate?
Not necessarily, the production line layout must be based on the product's characteristics and craftsmanship.

3: The faster the assembly line, the higher its production capacity?
The level of production capacity should depend on the operating time of the bottleneck process and the fastest working time of each station. If it is forced to increase the speed of the production line, it will cause many problems.

4: Is the assembly line designed to ship products?
not completely. The ultimate goal is still to achieve the "continual value flow" of the product.

5: Why is the production rate just lower at the time of work or shift?
It is a stage of preparation and it is a period of time when problems occur. So the management of the shift is very critical. 

6: Should the streamline speed settings be kept constant? Every day?
In the same product category should be constant, in the production of different products on the same line, there will be changes in speed. At the same time, because of the problem of new employees, the line speed will decrease.

7: Pitch mark Can only put one product per cell?
Not necessarily, should be the pursuit of stable production flow

8: The faster the pre-assembly process, the better? Is it better to buffer more inventory?
No, it should be produced on demand. However, the pre-assembly processing speed can be slightly faster than the assembly speed.

9: The assembly line is easy to find backlog, computer can show progress, and the line length reminds employees to do it quickly?
The first two are correct, but the third is not necessarily. In the normal production cycle, it is not appropriate to urge employees. This will cause some unnecessary problems (for example, urging employees to change their hands-on changes, and neglecting the inspections). 

10: The line lengther said that someone asked for leave, couldn't line up? If I can't borrow people, can I separate my employees?
First of all, the assembly line cannot strictly complete the follow-up of all assignments. Because there are few people in one area, there will be a decline in production, but not much. Where else does the emergency response occur? Managers do not consider these common problems, then he can open a factory?

11: Is it reasonable for employees to stand in production or sit in production?
Due to product/condition/facilities

12: The container on the streamline should be dedicated or generic. What is his size?
Most general-purpose designs should be designed, and general-purpose special treatment cannot be used.

13: How highly reasonable is the width of the streamline and the height and width of the machine?
According to ergonomic principles, the sitting table is 65~75CM high, the seat is 38~45, the standing table is 85~95CM, the seat is 58~62, and there are 20~30 board feet.