what is plastic modular conveyor belt

what is plastic modular conveyor belt

Plastic mesh belts, modular plastic mesh belt conveyors provide customers with a safe, fast, and simple maintenance. Because this type of conveyor uses a modular plastic conveyor belt and the transmission method uses sprocket drive, the conveyor belt is not easy to meander, skew, and because the belt is thick enough to withstand cutting, impact, and resistance to oil, water, etc. When you use it, it will not cause troubles in maintenance and repair, especially in the replacement of the conveyor belt. Modular plastic conveyor belt material: PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), ACETAL (acetal), NYLON (nylon) and other materials. The structural forms include: horizontal straight line transmission, lifting climbing transportation, turning transportation and other forms. The lifting belts and side baffles can be added on the conveyor belt to meet various technological requirements. Equipment characteristics: The modular plastic conveyor belt overcomes the pollution problem and uses the plastic material that conforms to the hygienic standard to form one body. There are no capillary holes and gaps in the structure. Regardless of the delivery of any products: such as pork, chickens, ducks, fish and shrimp ... ... and so on. It will not be infiltrated by blood, oil, and other pollution sources that are entrained by the product. It will not adsorb any impurities on the conveyor belt surface. This results in a safest manufacturing process. In addition, it is stable and extremely chemical resistant and will not be damaged by detergents or hot water. Applicable to slaughtering and cutting processing of pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, puffed food production lines, fruit grading, packaging lines, fish processing production lines, frozen food production lines, beverage manufacturing, can making, agricultural processing, chemical industry, electronics, Rubber and plastics production, battery manufacturing, cosmetics and food packaging line beverage, canning production line.

The plastic mesh belt is assembled by using the link plates made of engineering plastics. The modular mesh belts are interlocked by means of interlocking or bricklaying, and are assembled together by full-length pins. This design fundamentally improves the conveyor belts. Strength of. The baffles and side panels can also be interlocked with hinge pins to become one of the integral components of the conveyor belt. Plastic mesh belts are available in various forms, assembled flexibly and easily replaced. There are various forms such as open holes, flat plates, ribs, balls, and anti-slip. Applicable to slaughtering and cutting processing of pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks, expanded food production lines, fruit grading, packaging lines, aquatic product processing lines, quick-frozen food production lines, battery manufacturing production, beverage manufacturing, can making, agricultural processing, chemical industry , electronics, rubber and plastics production, cosmetics, general delivery operations.

The plastic chain plate is made of engineering plastics and is connected with stainless steel pins. Compared with steel chain plates, it has the advantages of light weight and low noise.

The flat top chain is mainly used in the transportation of various containers in the food and packaging industry. For example: PET bottles, PET bottom petal bottles, aluminum and steel cans, cartons, trays, packed products (such as cartons, shrink wrap, etc.), glass bottles, plastic containers.

Advantages: Precise molding process ensures optimal flatness.

High wear resistance and low coefficient of friction

High working load
The plastic chain plate includes two bifurcated U-shaped chains. The bifurcated joint and the bifurcated ends of the chain plate are provided with pin holes and pin shafts. The feature is that the chains are provided with a matching body. Independent upper pressure cover.

The plastic chain plate has the advantages of long service life, convenient maintenance, strong wear-resisting, no fear of corrosion, and the ability to turn after assembly, and the assembled conveyor chain does not need lubrication, has flexible turning, has good elasticity, and can be widely used in electronics. , tobacco, chemicals, beverages, food, beer, daily necessities and other industries.