What is the future direction of the spiral conveyor ?

What is the future direction of the spiral conveyor ?

What is the future direction of the spiral conveyor ?

(1) large volume, high speed and long service life. High speed means high productivity, reduce production cost per unit time, is now the main reason of screw conveyor wear life, reduce the coefficient of friction between the material and the wear resistance of the spiral, or helical axis, improve the performance of materials, can greatly improve the service life of the spiral conveying machine.

(2) the energy consumption of low energy consumption machine is reduced, and most of the energy of the screw conveyor is consumed in the friction loss. Therefore, reducing energy consumption is a difficult problem and development direction for the research and design of spiral conveyer for several generations.

(3) intelligent development. The future screw conveyor should be closely connected with the computer, suitable for program control and intelligent operation. The loading and unloading of materials, machine installation and maintenance should be able to realize intelligent management.

(4) the space can be conveyed flexural. For the customer service level and disposal screw conveyor, because of the structural constraints, it can only deliver materials in a straight way. In recent years, there are flexural screw conveyor, spring conveyor and so on. In addition, other kinds of screw conveyer should also develop new models for the realization of space and flexural transport.

(5) combination of composite transportation, to large development. The use of screw conveyor, combined with a variety of continuous conveying machinery, to complete the complex material delivery. It includes large transport capacity, single machine length and large conveying angle.

(6) expand the scope of use. At present, the use range of the screw conveyor in the limit, to expand the scope of its application, the research in high temperature and low temperature conditions in a corrosive, radioactive, flammable substances in the environment, and can transfer the hot, explosive, easy to agglomerate, viscous boring screw conveyor.

(7) environmental protection design to reduce pollution and achieve the goal of green design. The traditional continuous conveying equipment is to transport materials under open state. When conveying powdery and granular materials, the materials scatter and affect the surrounding environment seriously, especially when transporting materials such as cement, fertilizers, ores, cereals and so on. In order to solve this problem, there is no doubt that it has great advantages and development space.